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Editor Screenshots

Screenshots from the built in, WIP DarkXL editor.

dxl_Editor_Pre dxl_Editor_TexView1 dxl_Editor_TexView2
dxl_Editor_TexPal dxl_Editor_SettingTex dxl_TexIn3D
dxl_UI_In_3D dxl_Editor_SecFlags dxl_Editor_TexMasterList
dxl_WallFlags_LL dxl_SelectRender3D_1 dxl_SelectRender3D_2
dxl_Edit_Circle2D dxl_Edit_Circle3D



1. Clonehunter - November 9, 2010

KInda looks like DoomBUilder, so cool! 🙂

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