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** Downloads are no longer available here. To get the latest version of DarkXL or DaggerXL please go here. **

This version is outdated, this page will be removed soon.

DarkXL Alpha Build 9.08
This game only works with the full ***RETAIL*** version of Dark Forces. Make sure that when installing Dark Forces to do a complete install with all data files on the harddrive, otherwise the game will not startup. If you want to discuss the build, use this forum topic. If you are having trouble the following command line arguments may help diagnose the problem:

-safe : run the minimum settings, windowed, 800×600. From here you can re-enable settings to figure out the problematic setting. Use this if DarkXL gets into a bad state.

-nosound : run DarkXL without any sound or midi support. If you’re having trouble with OpenAL drivers, this may help verifying the issue.

DarkXL Alpha version 9.08

*3DO Texture fixes – now most 3DO’s are textured correctly, included 3DO bridges.
*Shoot switches now work correctly.
*Due to INF fixes, things like Force Fields now work correctly.
*Magnetically Sealed Rooms now work (rooms that cause blaster bolts to be reflected off the walls).
*Land Mines now work (though the explosion radius seems too big still).
*Exploding walls work.
*Dynamically switching adjoins now work.
*Stop delays of less then 1 second are now supported, fixing many areas with strobing lights and texture animation.
*Non-Player objects now honor second heights properly.
*Order of loading issues fixed, which fixes issues with objects being assigned to the wrong sectors in some cases.
*Teleport Chutes implemented.
*Secret tracking, the proper percentage of found secrets is now displayed in your PDA.
*Most enemies are now implemented.
*First pass (incomplete) Dark Trooper (Phase 1, 2 and 3) AI and Boba Fett AI. These will be finished next build but are in so the levels are completable.
*Boss elevators work correctly.
*Fixed jumping/falling so that you can jump onto very skinny ledges (needed for the Arc Hammer)
*Implemented Damage Floors, Walls and Gas.
*Implemented the Gas Mask.
*All Briefing screens now render correctly.
*A lot of INF fixes (too numerous to list).
*All levels completable (except maybe the last boss – this is glitchy still).

*Jumping in water or sludge now works more like Dark Forces. You control momentum right up until you exit the surface.
*Various crashes when going between levels or exiting a level have been fixed.
*Fixed an issue where the position and orientation of the Crow could be different at the start of a level depending on the previous level loaded.
*In Windowed mode, the program should no longer start maximized (hopefully).
*Fixed a variety of INF problems – such as doors or lifts not starting at the correct locations and making “elevator move_fc” work.
*Fixed switch placement and usage issues. All the switches should be rendered correctly now.
*Level 4 can be completed fairly (without cheating) now due to switch and INF fixes.

*Momentum is preserved when jumping or falling. You can no longer control the jump or fall once you’re in the air.
*The player can now jump right up to the point of falling off the edge. If the player is on a solid surface then jumping works.
*The console key now uses the proper key ID – it should work on non-QWERTY keyboard layouts.
*NumPad 0 is no longer artificially bound and is usable again.
*In Windowed mode, the border/titlebar is now properly accounted for so that the client area is at the full resolution.
*In Windowed mode, the window is no longer resizable.
*The player can now jump off a sector second height.
*It is no longer possible to shoot through a sector second height.
*It is no longer possible to jump through a sector second height.
*The player is facing the correct direction when starting a level or being revived from a death.
*A death animation now plays when Kyle dies (complete with sound).
*Checkpoints now work correctly.
*Upon losing all lives, the player is now properly taken back to the briefing screen to restart the level.
*Falling damage has been implemented.
*The “lamaxout” cheat code has been added as a console command.

*Updated to fix crash in Nar Shaddaa
*Fixed crash on Level 3 (Anoat City, aka The Sewers).
*Fixed a bug that kept Level 3 for being completable sometimes.
*Fixed an issue where you couldn’t collide with items on ledges.
*Dynamic lights are no longer rendered when using the IR goggles.
*The Always Walk wall flag is now honored, making movement through level 4 is a little better.
*The small lights in some levels, “ICEILIT2” no longer block players movement.
*Fixed a bug where players would stop being pushed by scrolling sectors once they reach the very edge, causing them to stop until you press forward. This was most noticeable in the Sewers level.
*Reduced default player sliding amount (making the movement feel a little more responsive).
*Several fixes have been made to the Sector Renderer, fixing many errors.
*Improved collision detection system, the player should not get stuck on adjoins anymore. In addition, sliding along walls is much smoother now.

*ITEMRED/ITEMBLUE logics implemented, which are the RED and BLUE keys on Nar Shaddaa – they didn’t work because they’re named differently then all the other red/blue key logics in the game.
*NAVA card logic implemented, works for both levels that need the card.
*Kyle’s Pile of Stuff is implemented, so he can pick up his stuff from Jaba’s Ship.
*You now lose all your possessions when starting on Jabba’s Ship. But you can now find your stuff (see above).
*Blaster shot damage now falls off with distance, like in Dark Forces.
*The “Power” logic has been implemented, which is ammo for the Imperial Repeater.
*The Imperial Repeater weapon has been implemented.
*The first pass implementation of the Turret enemy is now in.
*Script Errors and now displayed on the console.
*Standard enemies now have faster reaction times, making the game more challenging.

*Night vision fixed.
*Wall brightness values fixed, many walls were too bright before.
*Increased render contrast to better match Dark Forces.
*In-game console.
*Partial implementation of the Pure Renderer, with new sector rendering system. Note that there are still issues to be worked out, see the blog post for more information.
*Proper automap update, adding only visible walls to the automap as you see them.

*Fixes many collision issues.
*All key logics implemented.
*All key carrying officers now work.
*Phrik metal key item implemented.

*Reticle Support
*Dynamic light support
*Bloom support
*More texture filtering modes supported, the lowest mode being no filtering at all.
*Improved rendering performance.
*Stretched textures on certain floors and ceilings fixed.
*Midi music volume decreased.
*iMuse temporarily only plays “stalk” music, until issues are fixed. This should alleviate hung notes.
*Player should be able to shoot through windows and over ledges properly now.
*Initial colormap support for Gromas Mines. Will not work properly in all cases but works pretty well for this level.
*Proper sprite sorting to help avoid black outlines.
*No more partially clipped sprites, which could occur in some cases in the past.
*Compressed BM support.
*Overbright lighting due to wall brightness or headlamp fixed.
*All levels are available if you use ‘-x’ command line option.
*A lot of work toward the new renderer, however there are still some issues and features disabled at this point.

*Issues with iMuse MIDI playback.
*The Boss on the final level is glitchy – the game may not be completable without cheating.
*No secondary fire yet.
*Floating enemies don’t move down to pass through adjoins.
*AI still needs more tweaking.
*Music completely stops and restarts on loop when playing on Talay.
*Some sky textures are aligned incorrectly.
*Some weapons are still missing.
*Two enemies are still missing.

When you download the zip file, put it in any directory you like. Then open up DXL_Settings.txt and set the correct Dark Forces directory for “DForces”. All other settings need to be set in-game using the Configuration menu. Eventually the settings text file will be completed removed. You’ll probably need to change the resolution seettings, it defaults to 1024×768 fullscreen. If you suffer from a black screen (except for 2D) – try disabling bloom.

To load a custom gob, use the following command line:

DarkXL.exe -uGobName.gob

To open the map editor:
DarkXL.exe -eLevelName.lev

If you don’t have OpenAL installed you’ll need to get and install that, link is at the bottom.
Also you may need to update DirectX, follow the DirectX WebInstaller link at the bottom to do so.

Mouse to turn.
Forward: ‘W’
Back: ‘S’
StrafeLeft: ‘A’
StrafeRight: ‘D’
Slow: ‘Caps Lock’
Run: ‘Left Shift’
Crouch: ‘Left Ctrl’
Nudge: ‘Right Mouse’
Jump: ‘Space Bar’
Shoot: ‘Left Mouse’
IR Goggles: F2
Gas Mask: F4
Headlights: F5
Map: TAB
EscMenu: ESC
Cheat – float upward: ‘F’
Cheat – move through any adjoin: ‘G’

The Alpha:

DarkXL Alpha version 9.08

OpenAL if you need it:
OpenAL Download

DirectX WebInstaller, download if any D3DX dll’s are missing or if DirectX is out of date.



1. David Condolora - September 20, 2009

Any chance of a Mac OS X version?

2. rofler - September 22, 2009

Any chance for a Linux port?

luciusdxl - September 22, 2009

A Linux version is planned at some point.

Matt - November 3, 2010

Just wanted to mention – running Ubuntu 10.04 here, and DarkXL runs nicely in WINE as long as you’re using windowed mode (for some reason in fullscreen mode I get “stuck” occasionally – Kyle goes at crouching speed even when he’s not crouching). A native build would of course be welcomed, but anybody that comes across this and doesn’t want to wait – give it a shot, it works for me.

3. Espianogey - November 17, 2009

ever thought of stealing the iMuse code from ScummVM?

4. Filipe - November 22, 2009

Any chance for turn left/right controls?

5. vodkins - January 17, 2010

Great work, luciusdxl!!! Thank you very much for your work!
As i see, “*Level 4 is not completable.” So, i stuck in the end of this level 4:( This Metal Sample on the top of the cylinder can’t be picked up… So, could be this level fihished some way? Maybe some console command to switch to level 5? Or command line to begin from 5th level? Or command to add this sample to inventory? I am sick that i can’t progress further… Plaese, answer!!!

luciusdxl - January 17, 2010

The next build will allow you to test in any level, this will be the case until they are completable.

vodkins - January 20, 2010

Understood. Will wait for it. Thank you!

6. Roman - February 1, 2010

Hey there matey. Just discovered this. Dark Forces is one of my favourite games ever. Great work on it! I am thoroughly impressed. I know you would rather get some donations than kind words. But sadly I am strapped matey. So words will have to suffice. But great work! Thank you for rejuvenating and old favourite I was finding it hard to go back to!

7. Build 9.0 Released! « DarkXL - February 3, 2010

[…] Downloads […]

8. Beyond Build 9 « DarkXL - February 3, 2010

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9. XDel - February 5, 2010

Looking good, hopefully we can also see a Haiku or Amiga/MorphOS port some day.

10. Warren - February 8, 2010

Dude, this is amazing work considering there is no source for Dark Forces.

I for one, and I’m sure many other, appreciate all the hard work you have put into this.

I have been watching this for quiet a while now and all I can say is keep it up as it gets better and better with each build.

11. drcurween - February 9, 2010

Great work !

I have been waiting for a decent DF port for ages !!

I have just completed the first 2 levels, it rocks !

Never liked the 3rd one but the 4th is my favourite fps level ever !

12. The Regularly Scheduled Iterative Builds Are Back… « DarkXL - March 8, 2010

[…] Downloads […]

13. anon - March 11, 2010

Great job, keep up the good work! I can’t wait for secondary fire support! Multiplayer sounds awesome too.

Ever since Cybercraft Dark3D project started and then died, I’ve been dreaming of playing Dark Forces again but with 3d acceleration and mouse-look, but I never dreamed I’d see the day when something even better was coming out!


14. Gnryeah - March 11, 2010

Yeah, lucius, i’ve been having troubles with the new build. I find that sometimes on adjoining walls, and all enemy sprites, that when you run into them, you get stuck, and cannot strafe left and right without killing them.

Oh yeah, and i’m having troubles with level three, the door that leads to chamber with Moff Rebus, is buggered, and doesn’t open… any thoughta as to what’s wrong with it?

luciusdxl - March 11, 2010

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure why the door doesn’t work, but the wall/object sliding should work much better in the next build.

Gnryeah - March 14, 2010

Oh, one more thing, and this time it is a question. How do bring up the command line, and if that’s even possible, how do you “test” one of the other levels beyond 4?

15. bogart - March 24, 2010

Agreed, fantastic work! I can’t wait to play it all the way through. Like Gnryeah, I don’t know how to bring up the command line in order to move to the other levels. I searched the forums but came up with nothing. Thank you.

16. Cary L. Brown - March 24, 2010

Fantastic work…

I just played through the first three levels.. and they worked quite nicely. I have a few observations, which you’re probably already aware of, but just in case:

1) I can’t shoot the mouse-robots. They appear to be invulnerable. Hmmm..

I seem to move faster than I “ought to.” Also, the MIDI plays a bit fast. I suspect that the “clock” element of the engine is designed for a slower system than what I have. It seems to be approximately 150% of the “original game” play speed on a mid-range i7 based system. This makes some of the jumping puzzles harder than they ought to be… and I was always a “sneak-gamer” more than a “run-and-gun” gamer anyway.

The improved graphics engine shows off the limitations of the original graphics. I’m somewhat conflicted here, as to whether “all original” graphics, or repainted graphics (redrawn over the original but at higher resolution… but otherwise identical to the original bitmaps) or some really high-resolution total repaint, or even true 3D objects for everything (including what are currently sprites and “overlays” (like your gun-hand). I really like the original graphics, to be honest, and would hate to see the original “flavor” ruined. But… what are the limitations of the engine you’re writing… can it take new (higher-resolution) graphics bitmaps, or is it hard-coded to work only with the original bitmap formats?

Those are really quibbles, except for the “speed” thing (which may make certain parts of the game nearly unplayable… then again, I HATE “jumping puzzles” anyway!) Overall, I’m VERY impressed… and very pleased… to see a better way to play my 3rd-favorite game of all time on a modern system without any apparent limitations.

17. rico - April 21, 2010

OMG I love dark force. I had the DOS version long ago on my 486 dx 66mhz. then played it on pentium classic 122mhz (oced to 133mhz). then bought the playstation copy and still playing it on my fat ps3 and my slim ps3, and the ps2 before that (with the filtering turned on and and upscaling on ps3, and upscaling using DVDO video processor), since the graphics sucks no matter what on the playstation version, I just googled it and steam apparently has this game as well, but then I want to play it again using mouse look support, which I heard it’s not working. now I found this. OMG. years of waiting, finally able to play dark force at perfect graphics and mouse look… someday.

18. Filipe Tolhuizen - June 9, 2010

Runs quite well. However I’m getting some keyboard issues, it keeps walking too slow if I don’t jump often. Only walks at normal speed followed by a forward jump without releasing the forward key. Any chance of incorporating the classic controls?

19. Gnryeah - July 4, 2010

Not pushing you Lucius, but, any Idea as of when the next build will be out?

20. Dark Phoenix - July 27, 2010

I too have been looking for a mouse look mod that works but this is way awesome. I am 42 and was smitten with the Star Wars first person bug beck in 95 when I first played this. I own every first person star wars game. I am so happy now that I can play this with good graphics. I got Build 9.02. I cannot wait for the finished product to play DF again! Bravo! The young kids who never played this game do not know what they are missing.

21. htrhrw - August 3, 2010

Are all levels supported yet, or just a few?

22. kingkool - August 28, 2010

Keep up the good work. This is just awesome! Never thought I would be able to see Dark Forces on Windows and Hi-res. I played this game so many times back in the day and now I get to enjoy it again!

23. Gnryeah - October 10, 2010

Yeah, I’m still having a coupe of collision issues Lucius, and I’ve been noticing that in the past 2 releases, the controls feel really heavy, I.E. when you jump, if you let go of forward mid jump, you just fall straight down, which is very annoying.
Also the door leading to Rebus’s chamber is still not opening, any thoughts?

luciusdxl - October 11, 2010

The collision system hasn’t been updated yet, that’s coming in the next major build. I decided to hold off given all the major changes to make testing a little easier. The next major build will have fixes for the new sector renderer and the improved collision system. This will also fix the Rebus problem, which is cause by a sector or line trigger not getting fired.

24. Anon - October 11, 2010

I found the solution to my particular problem… apparently I have to create a sub folder (in my DarkXL directory) called “6” and put all the Dark Forces DOS files in it. Then it works. I still can’t get “bloom” on my system (ATI All-in-Wonder 9600 with latest drivers, DX9c) which gives black boxes. The cutscenes only have sound initially (the music stops after about a second), and I can’t type cheat codes to bypass the glitchier areas. Still, amazing progress! Keep up the good work

luciusdxl - October 11, 2010

I don’t understand the “6” thing – I’ve tested it on several machines and didn’t have this problem. Glad it works regardless. Can you post your DXL_Settings file?

As for your other problems, I still have to get the improved collision in – it’s still unmodified from the pre-9.03 builds. I did it already in a seperate project/build but have to merge it in. Should happen next major build.

Gnryeah - October 11, 2010

Okay, nice to know what’s up and coming, thanks for the update. If I knew how to help you out, I would gladly give a little bit of my time. Let me know if there’s anything I can do.

25. Gnryeah - October 17, 2010

This is a vast improvement over the past build, everything seems much more fluid, and the collision issues seem to be less of an issue, though I do seem to have issues when colliding with enemy sprites. Nice implementation of the autogun too, I can’t wait to see the next build. 😀

26. DarkXL Build 9.06 « DarkXL - October 18, 2010

[…] Downloads […]

27. Gnryeah - October 18, 2010

This build is even better, You’re really cranking these out aren’t you?

28. Gnryeah - October 18, 2010

Actually, I’ve spotted a couple of things I want to raise, which I am sure you’re aware of. In this build, the generator in mission 2 now spins too fast, which I’m sure you can ammend. Another thing is that the enemies A.I is unnaffected by the dark, I.e. they can still “see” you even in pitch dark.
The final thing is to do with the Weapon Supercharge. In the original, a nice little addition was that when you had the Weapon Supercharge, you fired not only twice as quickly, but your ammo went down slower. So if you used the Bryar Pistol, for instance, every two shots you take, only one ammo would be drained from your gun.

Keep up the great work mate.

luciusdxl - October 18, 2010

As far as I’m aware, the generator is spinning at the same speed it has been for a long time. However it might be too fast but I’m going to be making an intensive pass through the INF system soon in order to get everything working correctly.

The AI can indeed see in the dark, they currently have no awareness of light level which will need to be fixed.

I have to make a modification to the way the weapon system works in order to drain ammo at a a rate different then the firing rate – which I’ve been putting off. Thanks for bringing it up again – I actually forgot all about it. I’ll get the AI and super charge issues dealt with before BETA (though not necessarily in the next build).

29. DarkXL Build 9.07 « DarkXL - October 22, 2010

[…] Downloads […]

30. luke powell - November 14, 2010

i click this page every day to see of any updates i am so glad u made this, i was really annoyed wen i cudnt make dark forces on windows 7 and hoped sumone had made a 3d port, 3d models to come aswell hey? awesome please keep it up im counting on you to finish this x much love x

31. DarkXL Build 9.08 Released! « DarkXL - November 17, 2010

[…] Downloads […]

32. anon - November 17, 2010

Congrats on a new release!

33. Gnryeah - November 17, 2010

It’s looking fantastic, but there’s several issues I would like to raise (again. Yes, I’m a ball buster, sorry Lucius!! [I’m sure you like constructive criticism anyway]) Okay, the moving wall/platform in level 7 when you’re in the maze bit doesn’t work, though you CAN jump the gap, Speaking of jumping, I find that there’s still a problem with it. Though it’s better than before, when you run and jump, you keep moving at that speed, instead of stopping like it did before. In the actual game, if you’re sprinting then jump, you carry on at that speed, but if you let go of sprint, then you slow down, same as if you let go of the direction you’re jumping in; instead of coming to a complete halt or carrying on as we have seen in DXL so far… On the note of sprinting, when you pressed the sprint button on the original game, you would immediately speed up, rather than take a second or so to get going, which I’m so used to, that it makes playing DXL a little tricky (these are really petty things to bring up, sorry, but as somebody who plays the game a considerable amount, they’re differences that bother me). Another issue is with the mines, the area of detonation is crazy, they go off way before you reach them, which was a little annoying. (I won’t mention any enemy A.I stuff, seeing as you said you’re still working on all that.) The game crashes if you try to fire the Fusion Cutter, hmmm… There’s shadow that appears in the sky with the moving platform at the beginning of level 6, which actually amused me, you could leave it in for lolz, or get rid of it if you want a complete conversion.

Just one thing about the weapons, with the sprite for the E-11, it goes crazy when you hold the shoot button, as if you kept clicking the shoot buttong in the original, instead of holding it steady. And the time it takes to throw a T.D. Normally, when you click it, it flies straight out, but on DXL, it takes about a second to fly out, or at least it takes longer than it did in the original.

Sorry again, but these are things to consider. =]

Thanks for making this, and keep up the amazing work.

34. luciusdxl - November 17, 2010

Thanks for the feedback. I’m not sure I’m completely clear on what you’re trying to say with the jumping stuff but that’s ok. I’m planning on doing more fine tuning, so I’ll look at the jumping and sprinting then. I’ll look at the moving platform on level 7 for the next build as well.

I actually mentioned in the blog that DarkXL will crash if you use the Fusion Cutter (same as last build) and I know the Land Mine radius is too big. There’s still a couple of issues, but the number is rapidly decreasing. 🙂

Gnryeah - November 17, 2010

I know, I don’t want to come across as ungrateful, I’m just mentioning stuff as I go. Plus, it’s still In Alpha, plenty of time for fine tuning, I’m just trying to help and bring stuff to your attention. 😀 😀 😀

luciusdxl - November 17, 2010

No problem. I welcome constructive criticism as long as it’s not overly negative or anything like that. So your post was good and useful.

35. SuddenD17 - November 26, 2010

I downloaded the Darkxl Alpha 9.08 and opened the zip, tried to run the darkxl.exe, but it won’t run at all. Can I get some help? I’m currently running XP, and I’m an Outlaws map maker. I read your post on the outlaws forum and wanted to give the engine a try. But I can’t get it to work 😦

luciusdxl - November 27, 2010

Check the DXL_Log.rtf file. Is there any useful information or errors in there? Did you setup your Dark Forces directory in DXL_Settings.txt?

36. SuddenD17 - November 27, 2010

it says it failed to load “SOUNDS.GOB” and I did initially create the C:\DARK\ directory. I don’t actually have Dark Forces, I just wanted to use this new engine for Outlaws. Should I just wait for the beta release?

luciusdxl - November 27, 2010

Oh I understand. You can’t use the engine to run Outlaws yet – only Dark Forces, sorry. It’s coming though. 🙂

37. SuddenD17 - November 27, 2010

Ah, no problem!

38. Clonehunter - December 6, 2010

Will there ever be DEMO support? (I only DF as PSX game)

luciusdxl - December 6, 2010

It’s possible it the future. Certainly not until post-Beta though.

39. Mikah - December 9, 2010

I ran into only 1 issue so far one the latest 908 build. In the mining level when I pick up the Fusion Cutter after firing one shot the game crashes. Is that just my setup or a known issue? No other problems so far! Game effin rocks!

luciusdxl - December 9, 2010

That’s a known issue which will be fixed in the next build.

40. hannah - December 24, 2010

will the d2d version work?because i can’t get a retail version.

luciusdxl - December 24, 2010

It should.

41. hannah - January 2, 2011

how about the version sold at steam?

luciusdxl - January 2, 2011

The main thing is to point the dforces directory in the DXL_Settings file to the directory containing the dark.exe. The other issue is that the path currently can’t have spaces in it, though that will be fixed next version.

The whole process of setting up the data directory will be much easier next version, but with some work any retail version of Dark Forces will work with DarkXL as long as it is a complete install.

42. Darrell - January 2, 2011

All I can say is WOW!! FINALLY!!
This makes this game soo much more now!!

43. Dirk - January 27, 2011

Long story short: I’m very pleased by and impressed with your work.

Long story long: I first started playing FPSs in 1997 (I bought Duke Nukem 3D Atomic, Blood, and Redneck Rampage) and have been hooked ever since. I didn’t buy Dark Forces. I had a demo level that revealed the game to be unplayable, due to one reason: No y-axis mouse control. Why developers ever thought it was wise to use the mouse to look left and right, yet use keys to look up and down will always be a mystery to me. In 2002, I bought the Collector’s Edition of Jedi Outcast. It came with Dark Forces 1 & 2 as special extras. I’ve played Dark Forces 2 and Jedi Outcast multiple times and love them. I tried to play Dark Forces 1 again, but just could not stand the controls. Only recently did I find out that talented people were updating/remaking games like Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior. Out of curiosity, I searched for an update for a mouse-look version of Dark Forces 1. And you know what I found. I grabbed my Dark Forces CD, did a full install and started the game with your special mod. I played through the first level and was blown away. Thing is – I get really involved with the games I play. So, I couldn’t help noticing that players may not be able to play through the final level as it was meant to be played. Well, after missing out on this game since 1997 (I didn’t know about it before 1997), I will be glad to wait one more year or so (?) for your final version. I’ve made a small donation of appreciation and encourage others to do the same. Thank you for the special work you’ve done already and thanks in advance for your future updates.

44. Fabio1064 - April 9, 2011

Hello! I just downloaded dark forces by Steam and I’m interested but i have a doubt. Won’t the game bug after the patch setup? You said we need the full version, then is steam version safe?

luciusdxl - April 9, 2011

The Steam version is the correct version.

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