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Pure Renderer Preview November 27, 2010

Posted by luciusdxl in Uncategorized.

I recorded a short video of the Pure Renderer in action, which I posted on YouTube. There are still some bugs but it is almost finished. 🙂  The Pure Renderer has been so useful in finding inconsistencies that will effect even the regular renderer, that I’m going to do the same thing for DaggerXL very soon as well.

The game is rendered into a 320×200 buffer (or into a 320×200 portion of the backbuffer and copied if your hardware doesn’t support render targets) and then upscaled using integral scales for the X axis and as close to integral scales as possible for the Y axis. This reduces upscaling artifacts and blurring, ensuring that any artifacts are slight at most – and only occur on one axis. After scaling, the result is then letter/pillar boxed in order to fit on the display. Any native resolution is supported, though the image will only be upscaled to specific resolutions (integral scales) and then centered to fit. This produces a 4:3 image with rectangular pixels (5:6), just like the original Dos version. In the future “Mac mode” will also be supported, and general high resolution support – with widescreen – with palette support will be added as well.

For the video, the window resolution is 1024×768, the 320×200 image is scaled to 960×720 and then letter/pillar boxed to fit.



1. Dave - December 4, 2010

Loving your work. Keep it up

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