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DarkXL Build 9.08 Released! November 17, 2010

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DarkXL Build 9.08 has finally been released! This release features a lot of work on getting most of the remaining enemies in the game as well as resolving most of the INF issues. With these changes, you can now play through every level in the game and even get to the final boss battle with Mohc. The final battle doesn’t play out right and you may have to cheat to actually finish the game, but that will come in the next build. A variety of things went into this build in order to get to this point:

*3DO Texture fixes – now most 3DO’s are textured correctly, included 3DO bridges.
*Shoot switches now work correctly.
*Due to INF fixes, things like Force Fields now work correctly.
*Magnetically Sealed Rooms now work (rooms that cause blaster bolts to be reflected off the walls).
*Land Mines now work (though the explosion radius seems too big still).
*Exploding walls work.
*Dynamically switching adjoins now work.
*Stop delays of less then 1 second are now supported, fixing many areas with strobing lights and texture animation.
*Non-Player objects now honor second heights properly.
*Order of loading issues fixed, which fixes issues with objects being assigned to the wrong sectors in some cases.
*Teleport Chutes implemented.
*Secret tracking, the proper percentage of found secrets is now displayed in your PDA.
*Most enemies are now implemented.
*First pass (incomplete) Dark Trooper (Phase 1, 2 and 3) AI and Boba Fett AI. These will be finished next build but are in so the levels are completable.
*Boss elevators work correctly.
*Fixed jumping/falling so that you can jump onto very skinny ledges (needed for the Arc Hammer)
*Implemented Damage Floors, Walls and Gas.
*Implemented the Gas Mask.
*All Briefing screens now render correctly.
*A lot of INF fixes (too numerous to list).
*All levels completable (except maybe the last boss – this is glitchy still).

Despite the length of this list, most of the time was spent working on INF. There are still some rendering glitches, AI needs refinement and various bugs – but this is a large step towards Beta. Note that in the Imperial City, ending the level is a little confusing due to the simplistic Boba Fett AI. Normally you would beat him then go into the start sector and end the level. Right now, since he never leaves the start sector, when you beat him you actually have to back track a little then re-enter the final sector to complete the level. In the Executor level, moving the cargo unit to the end looks a little weird – it doesn’t render properly until after you hit the first switch and there are some visual glitches – but it works correctly and the level ends properly. Finally the puzzle near the end of the Arc Hammer doesn’t quite look right, but it works correctly. And as I’ve already stated, the final battle is glitchy, so you might have to cheat through the last doors in the level to finally beat it. So it’s not perfect, but I will be dealing with these problems and others in the next build.

Also, remember – using the Plasma Cutter will crash the game. Sorry, this too will be fixed next build.

The next build will see AI refinements (and completion in the case of the bosses), the rest of the weapons implemented, remaining level issues tackled and the last few logics implemented. As of the next build (9.09), DarkXL will be almost feature complete – as far as what is needed to play vanilla Dark Forces (of course other features will follow as I’ll discuss in the future). The following build (10.0) will be the first Beta and should be a complete replacement for vanilla Dark Forces as far as playing the original game. Builds beyond that will start fixing issues with user mods – until everything works correctly.

The Future of DarkXL
Beyond the Beta, DarkXL has a bright future. In addition to fixing bugs, making improvements needed for user mods to work correctly – past and future, and in general preparing for the Release Candidate there are other things in the pipe.

Once Beta is released, I will start working on the built-in level editor again. I will also start adding Outlaws level support, as well as adding the additional functionality found in the Outlaws version of the Jedi Engine to DarkXL – including slopes, double adjoins, vertical adjoins, per-sector gravity and so on. In addition to making these features available for DarkXL modding, it will also pave the way for Outlaws support. DarkXL will become a multi-game engine (“port”) similar to projects like ZDoom, Doomsday and so on. In order to support Outlaws and to add new interest in Dark Forces, I will also be adding full multiplayer support for both games – including new game modes. There is a third, suprise, game I’m planning on adding support for – though I won’t mention it here yet.

Anyway, to get the latest build go the the downloads page.



1. Michael - November 17, 2010

Sounds nice, but what about the source release and/or linux/mac ports?

luciusdxl - November 17, 2010

The source release will happen at Beta. As far as ports to other platforms, that will happen after Beta but before the first “Release” version.

2. Staffan - November 17, 2010

I am very excited about this. I never finished the original Dark Forces, but I have planned to play it for ages. I begun playing the vanilla game in DOSBox back in January 2009 but stopped to play when I found DarkXL. Been waiting for the complete edition ever since. Maybe I am lucky this christmas. 🙂

3. anon - November 17, 2010

Very cool, you’ve made a lot of progress!

4. StingingVelvet - November 17, 2010

Thanks for all you do!

5. Sannel - November 17, 2010

Hmmm… I wonder what the third game will be?
Quite the surpise, thats what.

6. Cole - November 21, 2010

I’m very excited by your progress and particularly excited at the thought of support for Outlaws! Thank you so much for doing this, lucius. It means a lot to many fans of old-school shooters.

7. utherdoul - November 24, 2010

Superb work so far – this will be better than EDuke32 when it’s done.

One issue: it seems like the platform which is moved with 3 switches and the elevator in Rameses Hed (Mission 7, Deadly Cargo) doesn’t work fully. The three switches move the platform east and west respectively, but not enough, leaving it (possibly) uncompletable. The area above the platform doesn’t render properly either.

Is this a known issue, or am I just doing something wrong? Bear in mind this is my first play through of DF.

utherdoul - November 24, 2010

Correction: not uncompletable, just involving a tricky jump rather than using the platform.

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