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DarkXL Build 9.07 October 22, 2010

Posted by luciusdxl in Uncategorized.

DarkXL Build 9.07 has been released! Get it here.

I’ve put implemented the rest of the weapons and enemies on hold to fix the remaining INF issues. I accomplished part of that goal with this build. Level 4 is now fully completable without cheats, for example. All the switches are now rendered correctly, which will effect most of the levels in the game. In addition various other bugs have been fixed, such as crashes when going between levels, the position of the Crow at level startup changing depending on the previous levels loaded, issues with jumping in liquids which could cause you to get stuck, and more.

The next build will see level 5 completable if not more levels. At this point fixes I’m making have wide ranging effects, where eventually – and very soon – everything will come together. 🙂



1. Komurka - October 23, 2010

Great job !
I can’t wait to see beta build 🙂
I loved Dark Forces, and it’s such a pleasure to be able to play it again with graphic that is absolutely awesome.

Thank you so much for running this project.

2. DFfan - October 24, 2010

Will demo support be added one day?

luciusdxl - October 24, 2010

Yes but it’s lower priority then getting the full game fully working.

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