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DarkXL Build 9.06 October 18, 2010

Posted by luciusdxl in Uncategorized.

After giving my plan some more thought, I decided to do a quick build to fix a bunch of important (but smaller) issues that keep the game from feeling complete – even for fully working areas. The first thing you’ll notice is that jumping and falling now preserves your current momentum once you leave the ground. This means that it is no longer possible to control jumps mid-flight or to direct your falls. The counter-point to this is that you can now jump whenever you’re standing on something solid – sector second heights (usually polygonal bridges) included. There is an amount that you can “hang off” the edge, once your center leaves the current sector. Previously you could not jump if in this area, which is now fixed. Second heights, in general work much better now – they can no longer be shot through or jumped through and now have the same “hang” area around them as all the normal sector geometry.

In addition death and lives are handled better now: there is a death animation now, sound included. You correctly start at checkpoints when you die. The view direction when you start or respawn is now correct. If you lose all your lives you are now taken back to the briefing screen for the current level and have to start all over, like in the original. And there is now falling damage, so you can die from falling from too far as well.

Here is a full list of things fixed or changed as you can see on the downloads page:

*Momentum is preserved when jumping or falling. You can no longer control the jump or fall once you’re in the air.
*The player can now jump right up to the point of falling off the edge. If the player is on a solid surface then jumping works.
*The console key now uses the proper key ID – it should work on non-QWERTY keyboard layouts.
*NumPad 0 is no longer artificially bound and is usable again.
*In Windowed mode, the border/titlebar is now properly accounted for so that the client area is at the full resolution.
*In Windowed mode, the window is no longer resizable.
*The player can now jump off a sector second height.
*It is no longer possible to shoot through a sector second height.
*It is no longer possible to jump through a sector second height.
*The player is facing the correct direction when starting a level or being revived from a death.
*A death animation now plays when Kyle dies (complete with sound).
*Checkpoints now work correctly.
*Upon losing all lives, the player is now properly taken back to the briefing screen to restart the level.
*Falling damage has been implemented.
*The “lamaxout” cheat code has been added as a console command.

As always you can get the latest build from the Downloads Page.



1. Simon Buchan - October 18, 2010

You work pretty fast! I’m feeling pretty inadaqute :(. Ah well, here’s some bugs for you:

Nar Shaddaa again 🙂 – a (the 2nd?) respawn point kills you. It’s after jumping off at first major drop, just in front of the grenadier that can’t throw out the window.

Research Facility – Jump off start cliff until you run out of lives, after restart you can’t move. Also occasionally got crashes after loading? Can’t consistantly repro.

Also, you set volume to ~9% at startup and map load. 😛

2. luciusdxl - October 18, 2010

Thanks for the feedback. How does the respawn point kill you? Is the character always stuck after running out of lives on the Research Facility (the classic: “it worked on my machine.”)?

Simon Buchan - October 19, 2010

Ohh.. hate those :).

Nar Shaddaa – Ahh, it’s the spawn at the entrance to the corridor to the left of the grenadier’s window, with the melee enemy in it. I spawn and immediately get the death effects: drop to the ground with heartbeat effects, 0 hp.

Research Facility – Yes, every time after restart, I spawn with a dead viewpoint, and I can’t move, though I can jump :).

3. WarFalci - October 18, 2010

“I love it when a new version comes together!”

😀 Good to see you working and updating regularly. Here’s hoping you get to finish it soon enough!

4. lowlymarine - October 19, 2010

A couple of bugs/issues that I didn’t find on the issue tracker:
Research Facility –
The switch in the bridge control room to control the bridge height (left switch) doesn’t work properly. The first time you throw it, it just moves the bridge one space as though you’d thrown the right switch. Subsequent attempts to activate it don’t work at all. I had to use the sector adjoin skip “cheat” to get the Phrik Metal. This was present in 9.04 and 9.05 as well.

The fall into the pit in the room with the Phrik metal kills you, despite having water/sewage/something at the bottom and an elevator to get you out. This may have been in the original game as well however, I don’t recall.

The switch to open the big blast doors and exit the facility seems to be missing. I even looked up its exact coordinates in a walkthrough and when I went there, sure enough, no switch.

The new jumping physics seem a little wonky. For instance, sidestepping down a flight of stairs caused me to sail through the air away from the top of the staircase, rather than just walk down the stairs.

The rate of fire of the E-11 isn’t consistent. Sometimes it fires at normal speed, but often it fires much slower, and sometimes it seems to fire *too* fast. The same seems to be true of the Repeater.

Anyways, EXCELLENT work so far, I loved Dark Forces and am thrilled to see a way to play it again without DOSBox and with added fanciness to boot.

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