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DarkXL Build 9.05 October 17, 2010

Posted by luciusdxl in Uncategorized.

Update: Fixed a crash loading the Nar Shaddaa level. If you downloaded before this update, please download DarkXL Build 9.05 again. Thanks.

DarkXL Build 9.05 is out, you can get it from the downloads page. The collision work took longer then I expected so I’m going to hold off on a few features that were supposed to be in this build until the next one. However two of the biggest issues have been dealt with:

* Sector Rendering: As far as I know, all the major issues are solved. Even levels like Perplexion and Dark Tide render without glitches, though there are other issues to be solved (especially in the Dark Tide case) before the user levels are playable. This is the final rendering solution, though there will be small tweaks, bug fixes and optimizations going forward – like any system. Vertical clipping still needs to be done, but that can wait until the game is fully playable since it has no effect on the final rendered result, other then being able to render sprites without clipping into the ground or ceiling (while still being occluded by walls and objects). Nice, but can wait.

* Collision: The collision system is done and works much better then before. Of course tweaks, fixes and optimizations may occur but it is the final system that should not need to recieve any major changes.

There are a host of other fixes – additional fixes listed here:

*Fixed crash on Level 3 (Anoat City, aka The Sewers).
*Fixed a bug that kept Level 3 for being completable sometimes.
*Fixed an issue where you couldn’t collide with items on ledges.
*Dynamic lights are no longer rendered when using the IR goggles.
*The Always Walk wall flag is now honored, making movement through level 4 is a little better.
*The small lights in some levels, “ICEILIT2″ no longer block players movement.
*Fixed a bug where players would stop being pushed by scrolling sectors once they reach the very edge, causing them to stop until you press forward. This was most noticeable in the Sewers level.
*Reduced default player sliding amount (making the movement feel a little more responsive).

So the next build will feature secondary fire and all weapons implemented. Once that is done, all standard enemies will be implemented. After that I focus on INF issues and any remaining logics. Finally I fix some switch issues (shoot switches, switches showing up incorrectly) and the game will be fully playable – from beginning to end. 🙂



1. Anonymous - October 17, 2010

Cool! Now instead of looking for subfolder “6” to have all the Dark Forces assets, it’s looking for a subfolder “1.”

That said, congrats on the new release. I was really hoping to see secondary fire and the remaining weapons, but at least progress is progress… 😉

2. Michael - October 17, 2010

I am following your project for a looooooong time in the hope that there will be a linux port at some point! Keep up the good work 😉

3. Simon Buchan - October 17, 2010

Wow, the new collision stuff feels *great*!

Unfortunately, I crash on opening Nar Shaddaa… I have a .dmp if you can’t repro.

Doing the switch stuff before weapon/logic stuff would get a lot of the levels completable earlier. Playing Research Facility is real fun ATM :).

luciusdxl - October 17, 2010

Please download DarkXL again. I put up a new build that fixes the crash problem. Thanks for pointing it out. 🙂

Simon Buchan - October 17, 2010


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