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DarkXL Build 9.04 October 11, 2010

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The next build was supposed to address the remaining visual and collision issues. However, I had to work on some other stuff on and off so I decided to handle a bunch of smaller tasks – working towards the goal of making the gameplay complete – instead. I will probably continue to release smaller builds like this, while working on the bigger stuff, so that the game can become fully playable soon.  The next major build will have the above mentioned fixes, however.

So I started out this build by implementing a few smaller logics. So the first thing I did is have the missing logics printed in the console window whenever I load a new level. In Nar Shadaa, the red and blue keys didn’t work because they were named differently than all the rest of the red and blue keys in the game – so I fixed that. I also implemented the NAVA card, which is needed to complete the Jabba the Ship level and the aforementioned Nar Shadaa. This means that all the key cards, keys, code cards and so on are implemented. Next I implemented Kyle’s stuff, which you pick up in Jabba’s Ship to restore all the stuff taken from you at the beginning of the level – which also happens in DarkXL now too.

Also I finally added the blaster damage falloff. This means that enemies can take an extra shot to kill if you’re at enough of a distance. I’ve also decreased the reaction times for most enemies, which makes the game in general harder. The slow reaction times in the DOS version are needed due to controls and aiming issues, but they are just too slow when playing through DarkXL. Later I’ll make this a slider for those that want the slower reaction times back, or going the other way we can make enemies fire more often and be more accurate as well – but that can wait until later.

To make modifying the script file a little easier and to make my own logic editing better – script errors are now printed in the in-game console window.

The two biggest additions are the first pass at Turrets and the Imperial Repeater (the 5th weapon you find in the game). The Turrets still have some things that need to be tweaked later, but I want to get all the enemies in a mostly correct state quickly to get the game fully playable, then I’ll go and do final tweaking later.

The current issues are:
* They fire a standard blaster shot, it should be green and do a little more damage.
* They don’t go into the crazy damaged mode when nearly dead yet.
* The death explosion is wrong.

Pictures of the Turrets and Imperial Repeater in the game:

Go to the download page to get the latest version.



1. Simon Buchan - October 11, 2010

That was fast! Thanks again!

Found a bad texture: On Nar Shadaa, floor through the window at (-420, -250) is rendered flat, should be skybox.

Simon Buchan - October 11, 2010

Doy, that would be all sky floors on Nar Shadaa ;).

2. luciusdxl - October 11, 2010

Thanks for bringing that up Simon, I completely forgot about the missing sky floors. I’ll get that fixed when I work on the rendering bugs. 🙂

3. Anon - October 11, 2010

DarkXL Alpha, Build 9.04
Log File Open
Initialize Game.
Failed to load C:/games/dosbox/dark_/SOUNDS.GOB
Log File Close

(c:\games\dosbox\dark is my DF directory)

4. Anon - October 11, 2010

PS: I tried -safe and -nosound and it still doesn’t work. 9.03 worked for me once I realized I didn’t update my DXL_settings.txt file. But 9.04 just instantly closes 😦

5. Anon - October 11, 2010

I see now what’s happening. Although I have the DF directory set in “settings,” the log is now telling me that it’s looking in a non-existent subfolder called “6”. So I created a subfolder labeled 6 and put all the Dark Forces dos files (gobs, LFD, etc) in it. Now it works. I still get a black box around the weapons if I enable “bloom” (apparently my ATI All-in-wonder 9600 doesn’t like this feature) and I sometimes see “black lines” around sectors when I’m running around a level (especially evident on bright levels), and the music/sound still cuts out of cutscenes after about a second. I wish I knew how to enter cheat codes to skip past the glitchier parts. Still, it’s looking better and better! Keep up the great work.

How about an “always run” check box for settings?

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