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Build 9.03 Released. October 9, 2010

Posted by luciusdxl in Uncategorized.

So I’m releasing build 9.03 at last… unfortunately it’s still in a “test build” state. Basically the new collision stuff is temporarily disabled (it acts like before) – I decided to wait for the next build to get that in, there’s already enough to test.

So the other stuff is in – proper wall light values, console and working night vision, but the new renderer still has a few bugs. Basically I’m happy with the system, but have a bug or two that’s manifesting itself as rendering glitches in a few places. So I’d like whoever feels like testing to do the following:
Look through the existing vanilla levels (use -x to access them all) and let me know sector combinations that have issues. When you find an issue, please take a screenshot (F8 key) with the “render stats” enabled, so that I know where to go to reproduce the issue. Also please point out any other render issues while you’re at it, such as improper textures or other incorrect rendering so I can get them all straightened out soon too.

To turn on render stats, bring up the console and type t_showrenderstats 1 at the prompt.
Look at these screenshots:

You can also render in solid or wireframe as well. To access solid rendering, type r_solid 1 in the console:

Press F9 for wireframe:

Two areas that I know have issues are the Death Star plans subsector in SecBase and the rotating secret wall in SecBase. Also you can ignore the thin black lines, those will be fixed shortly (precision issues).

Anyway you can play around with other features in the console, such as setting color and textures:

Adjusting contrast (negative values work as shown below):

If you type “help” in the console, it’ll tell you the controls. And “cmdlist” shows you all the commands. You can type “help commandName” to get a description of a specific command.

Note that the proper perspective rendering (non-“pure”) will be back once I iron out all the bugs. Also I expect performance issues on some systems – no effort at optimization has been taken at all – until everything works correctly (though it’s already fast on my laptop). Finally vertical clipping is not enabled – this will reduce the number of portal traversals and number of render sectors but I want to get the current system fully working before enabling the extra complexity. So once everything is ironed out this should be much faster then 9.02 – but may be slower right now on some systems.

So here is the 9.03 Build



1. Simon Buchan - October 10, 2010

I feel the appropriate response here is “w00t!”

Nice to see proper 2.5d again, would it be a problem to keep it in some form?


Saw a few of render glitches, but they were difficult to get into in a still position, sorry :(.

I wouldn’t worry at all about perf at the moment, after rendering, the collision code and finishing out the objects / enemies seems to be the only things before a Beta.

BTW, is CoreLogics.as live? Do you have a C compiler in there? Or is it just reference?

2. luciusdxl - October 10, 2010

CoreLogics.as are the scripts for the objects and enemies. If you modify it, make sure to back it up first, it’ll take effect next time you run the game. Yes, it is compiled on load.

As for the rendering, that 2.5D perspective will still be an option in the pure renderer. It’ll also support (optionally) palette emulation and low-resolution emulation as well, though it’ll default to the high quality rendering.

3. Anonymous - October 10, 2010

It doesn’t run at all for me, I double click DarkXL.exe and it just goes to a dos window and then quickly closes before I can see what’s going on. The previous build worked fine for me (and yes, I tried putting it in a fresh directory with dos dark forces).


4. Anonymous - October 10, 2010

Ah never mind I see I had overwritten my settings text file (to point to the dark forces files). Fixed! Great to see the improvements. I can’t wait to see the rest! We really need cheat codes though…

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