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The Regularly Scheduled Iterative Builds Are Back… March 8, 2010

Posted by luciusdxl in Uncategorized.

So it’s been a while since the last build after all the talk about iterative builds… It turns out that I’ve had a weird bug in the collision code for a while that just wouldn’t get squashed. But like many bugs, the answer turned out to be simple and obvious in hind-sight. So the collision code has now been worked out, getting stuck on adjoins (where the screen turns black) should be an issue of the past. The sliding is occasionally a little rough and object (sprite) collision might need some more tweaking and the system could use a fair amount of optimization but it should be good enough for now. So I will now return to the iterative builds that I promised!

In addition to the big collision issues, I also added support for all keys and all key based officers. And finally the Phrik metal key item is properly supported as well.

Build 9.02 is now available for download, get it here.



1. Simon Buchan - March 8, 2010

Awesome to see progress, and .

Re: object collision: I got stuck under the interrogation probe running through the door into the switch hub on level 3 – easy to repro. And jumping off edges and moving around corners seems a little janky, though that seems to be tradition for 2.5D engines :).
Also, I couldn’t reproduce it, so it’s probably not new, but the “flush” elevator back to the hub failed to return the third time I used it, going through the level taking the hub doors left to right.

2. Simon Buchan - March 8, 2010

“Awesome to see progress, and .” should end with “congratulations on squashing an old bug”.

3. luciusdxl - March 12, 2010

The remaining collision issues should be fixed in the next build. The major problem is dealt with but there are still some sliding/collision response issues.

4. A. Nony mouse - March 12, 2010

I see you can’t destroy any of the 3D characters (mouse droids, laser turrets, droid welding arms), but you probably already knew that. I couldn’t get the doors to open to Moff Rebus in episode 3 either (Anoat City), and clipping through the doors doesn’t let you win either.

5. A. Nony Mouse - March 15, 2010

There’s defiantly a problem with the jumping. Secret areas you could normally access by strafe running/jumping (or literally strafing sideways and leaping at the last second) couldn’t be reached (unless I used the “clip through adjoin” cheat button).

Demo support would be great too! (since the Demo has some differences from the full version and it’s included on the original disc)

6. anonymous - May 18, 2010

hope this project isn’t dead!

7. luciusdxl - May 19, 2010

It’s not dead but I’ve got caught up working on other things. It’ll come back soon. 🙂

Mike - June 30, 2010

I am impressed with the project and have completed the first two levels, although most of the later levels have game breaking bugs that make the levels uncompletable. Thanks for your effort though and I definitely look forward to playing it in again in the near future.

8. StingingVelvet - June 27, 2010

Thank you for your continued work! This looks amazing and I am so thankful for your work on this classic to make it more modern. I wish I could donate!

Looking forward to seeing more!

9. gszx1337 - June 29, 2010

Kick ass job! It’s a great improvement from the previous builds! I played through the first two missions with this (not) Source Port and it was like experiencing the game for the first time again! I’m strongly considering playing through the game again.

Cutscenes don’t seem to scale well, though. They suffer from slowdown and don’t seem to want to play nice with the upscaler. 😦

Can’t wait for the next build.

10. Anon - July 29, 2010

Please open source this soon, I cannot stress this enough. It would open up so many possibilities seeing how this is such a classic dos game.

11. Dox - July 30, 2010

ya fucken right man get some people to help you… honestly. people would love to help but you wanna keep the spunk to yourself it seems.

12. anonymous - August 2, 2010

how is the project coming? did the author go back to school?

xrror - August 8, 2010

Heh, I doubt that. From who I can guess his employer is lucius is a very busy person indeed. He might be in a prolonged crunch time.

It’s amazing he has time at all for “fun projects” – more so considering the quality of these “spare time” projects =)

13. a concerned fan - August 3, 2010

sadly, I think it’s done for…


Oh well.

14. Anon E. Mouse - October 27, 2010

Thankfully, he’s still working on it!

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