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Iterative Build Plans: the Path to Beta. February 9, 2010

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(This has also been posted on the DarkXL forums)

I have planned out the next set of releases to get from where DarkXL is now to all levels being playable and the beatable. While working on these iterative builds, I will be working on rendering issues in the background. But the plan is start getting these out the door at a regular pace, while the remaining rendering fixes, the “pure renderer” and the Mac port (which has been started) will come out when they are ready. These releases are either one big item (such as fixing collision issue) plus a few smaller items or several smaller items at once. These builds are designed to be small enough that I’m planning on getting several out a week – which would put Beta (the game is fully playable, from start to finish and all the important core features are implemented) at about a month away. Once DarkXL reaches Beta then work will begin on the Outlaws support and continue on the level editor. And of course DarkXL will continue to be polished and bugs fixed over time as well.

Build 9.02

*Fix collision issues.
*Implement Officer_? logics (officers holding various types of keys and codes) and all keys (beyond the red,blue and yellow which are already implemented. Things like codes and such).
*Implement logics needed to complete level 4.

Build 9.03

*Finish and release Launcher.
*UI reorganization and polish.
*Fix Shader Model 1.x issues.
*Fix Night Vision.

Build 9.04

*Ceiling Turrents (enemy).
*Remote Droid (enemy).
*Fix movement speed when forced into crouching height.
*Fix Thermal Detonator damage propogation.
*Implement proper falloff for blaster bolts.
*Implement “shoot” switches.

Build 9.05

*Gamorrean Guards (enemy)
*Kell Dragons (enemy)
*Convert existing weapons to weapon scripts.
*Implement secondary fire functionality.
*Imperial Repeater Gun – weapon and items.

Build 9.06

*Jeron Fusion Cutter – weapon and items
*Stouker Concussion Rifle – weapon and items
*Trandoshans (enemy)
*Phase One Dark Troopers (enemy)

Build 9.07 “All weapons complete”

*Phase Two Dark Troopers (enemy)
*I.M. Mines – weapon and items
*Packaered Mortar Gun – weapon and items
*Assault Cannon – weapon and items

Build 9.08 “All enemies complete”

*Phase Three Dark Trooper (General Moch – enemy)
*Boba Fett (enemy)
*MouseBot death
*Super Shield
*Ice Boots
*Gas Mask

Build 9.09 “AI tweak release and All Logics Complete”

*Any missing logics.
*Dianoga tweaking.
*Fix pickups through walls.
*Punch reactions.
*Tweak floating enemy AI.
*Tweak the way enemies are alerted.
*Other AI tweaks

Build 9.10 “bug fix release”

*Fix 3DO texture issues.
*Wall punch impact sound.
*Other bug fixes

Build 9.11 “INF bug fix release”

Make sure INF issues are fixed – all levels should be completable as of this build.

The build following Build 9.11 will be the first official beta build – DarkXL Beta, Build 10!



1. Zach - February 9, 2010

*begins a slow clap… expression of joyous disbelief on face*

Lucius… thank you. You… will be… IMMORTAL!!!

2. Emerson - February 9, 2010

all the support for u on OUTLAWS project

3. Kris - March 7, 2010

I heard that the “Terminator Series” (SkyNet and Future Shock) were also made with this engine – is this true? … And if so will there be support for these two games in the future?

Keep up the great work

luciusdxl - March 8, 2010

No, the only other game made with the Jedi Engine is Outlaws. You’re probably thinking of DaggerXL – the X Engine was used for Daggerfall, Future Shock, Skynet and a variety of other games.

4. Emerson - April 3, 2010

any update on Outlaws project?

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