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Beyond Build 9 February 3, 2010

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Now that Build 9.0 is out the door, I’ll talk about what’s coming in the next few weeks. The next immediate build will feature the Launcher, which was missing from this build. The launcher will detect incorrect drivers, bad Dark Forces path and other issues. In addition it will allow you to set all the settings in an easy to use Windows application, including setting the data path. This should make using DarkXL much easier, and resolve path issues to make DarkXL fully compatible with the Steam version without requiring any additional work for the end user (other then setting up the path using a simple Windows dialog and downloading drivers if necessary).

The renderer isn’t complete so I will be working on that so I can enable the additional fixes and features that come with it – including more performance enhancements – especially on larger maps. The main focus, however, will be on completing the gameplay experience and getting the project to Beta. This will start with incremental additions of all the missing logics and weapons – including secondary fire. Then any missing INF features will be implemented as well as any corrections being made. I expect to reach a fully playable state in a relatively short period of time.

I will also be implementing a “pure renderer” designed to capture the look – and speed – of the original game. This means that those that want to play Dark Forces, with modern OS and mod support and multiple platforms that maintains the classic look, it will be possible. This will also allow me to get DarkXL running on very low end systems, though at lower visual quality – including old fixed function hardware and mobile devices.

New Platforms

There has been a change in plans as far as multi-platform support. I have recently had the need to acquire and use Mac platforms as well as PC. This means that  I will be porting DarkXL to Mac OS X, Linux and potentially other Apple based platforms in the near future.

The Editor

Once DarkXL gets closer to Beta, I will spend time on the editor again. The editor will allow for very easy and fast custom mission creation as well as enabling all the DarkXL extended features for those that want to use them. Stay tuned for more in the near future…


I almost forgot to mention this… I plan on implementing full support for Outlaws in DarkXL – including multi-player. Outlaws is the only other game to use the Jedi Engine, it is a FPS set in the old West. LucasArts added many new features to the Jedi Engine, such as slopes, dual adjoins, deep water and so on that I plan on adding to DarkXL anyway. With the multi-player plans for DarkXL, it seems that supporting Outlaws is a natural extension for the project. For editing, you get all the features of both games (that make sense anyway) – allowing for richer modding possibilities.

(Don’t forget to try the build).



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