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Fixing Rendering Issues Using the Editor August 31, 2009

Posted by luciusdxl in Uncategorized.

Even though the editor won’t be released in the next build as originally planned, it is still very useful to me when it comes to fixing the remaining rendering issues in DarkXL. There was already a quick shortcut to go from 2D mode to 3D mode and vice versa. Now I’m putting in a similar shortcut that saves the level to temporary files, builds the appropriate GOB, launches Dark Forces using DosBox and immediately launches your level. In addition the start point is moved to the current camera location, so you instantly show up in the same view and location in Dark Forces. This allows me to quickly test sector/wall flags and other situations and verify the rendering is correct.

As I’m verifying and fixing rendering issues, I’m doing some of my testing in some of the more complex user made levels. While Dark Tide 4 loaded before, this is the first time that it actually looked correct. The main reason is that I somehow neglected to support compressed BM’s, which I’ve fixed. Sector tessellation was also an issue in the past, though it is no longer. I’ve also fixed various other problems, such as when VUE’s cause objects to pass through many sectors (causing problems with Harkov’s Defection).

Here’s some screenshots of user levels that I’ve been using to test. The goal is to have these levels look completely correct for the next release, as well as the 14 original levels. The idea is that if the most complex user made levels render correctly, then most likely most of them will. If any do not, they will hopefully be found in testing. There are still some issues to fix, however.

Screenshots from DarkTide 2

Screenshots from DarkTide 4

Screenshots from Harkov’s Defection



1. Ryuichi91 - August 31, 2009

Nice to see some more classic and memorable user made levels rendered in DarkXL.

2. Tnoyce - September 20, 2009

As with the DaggerXL project, this is a welcome change.

Now that I can get a legit copy of Dark Forces via Steam, it’s nice to see it in full resolution, in all its glory!

Keep up the good work!

3. clone2727 - September 20, 2009

Hi lucius!

Is there any reason why DarkXL isn’t open source? I know I would at least be interested in making an SDL port so it would work on Mac OS X or adding support for the Mac/PlayStation versions (if time permit me, of course). The iMuse stuff could also be reused from ScummVM if DarkXL was open source (ScummVM is GPL v2).


4. Anonymous - November 13, 2009

Is this project still alive? It seems so promising!

luciusdxl - November 13, 2009

Yes it is still alive, I’m still working on the next build for this and DaggerXL – which should be released simultaneously. Sorry for the delays but the pace should pick up in the future.

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